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    Grow with us - easy to cultivate!

    We manufacture products for the complete cycle of cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses.

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    The substrate of mineral wool

    Easy control plant growth and development, optimization of water consumption and fertilizer

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    The substrate is inert and not pathogenic, hydrophilic, does not change its properties during operation, does not absorb nutrients easily managed, chemically and mechanically stable.

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About us

Company logo has been manufacturing mineral wool substrate. The product range includes mineral wool mat, dice and a stopper for seedlings and polystyrene tape. Products logo designed for use as a substrate for the root technology of hydroponic cultivation of many kinds of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses complexes . Substrate logo made in 2006, during which time he was tested for more than 40 mills in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia , countries of the Caucasus. The work of departments and services of our company is focused on satisfying the demand of consumers and ensuring the highest level of customer service. Our technological equipment allows you to easily solve the problem of non-standard sizes or disposal of waste materials. The high level of quality, responsiveness, reasonable pricing and prompt service support saves time and money of our clients, which is the main priority of our activity.

Why Us


Mineral wool substrate made on the modern equipment with the use of European technology - it provides maximum quality control.

Top reviews

Greenhouse complex "Dniprovsky" vegetable factory "Stanishovka" Kherson greenhouse complex.

100% eco-friendly product

The main component of raw materials for the production of the mineral wool substrate is basaltic rock, whereby the substrate is inert, hydrophilic, not pathogenic, does not change its properties during use and does not absorb nutrients.

Quality assurance

We are constantly improving our products and guarantee the stable quality of every customer, regardless of the volume of supply.

Our products

  • Mineral mat


    The fibers of the mat are preferably arranged randomly, which gives it a high stiffness and allows the use of more than two turns.

  • Mineral cube


    Mineral wool cube provides a healthy root system, strong plant with a good balance of vegetative and generative development, easier management of growth processes.

  • Mineral cork


    Apply for germination followed by sparring with blocks.

  • Foampolystyrene case


    It is used to place mineral wool plugs are grown seedlings.

  • Salad case


    It is used for the cultivation of lettuce crops in mineral wool substrate.

  • Plastic case


    It is used to place mineral wool plugs are grown seedlings.

Customer Reviews

Our plant began using mineral wool substrate logo the first in Ukraine. During the years of cooperation we can be noted consistent quality of the substrate and high yields.


Tymoshchuk Vasily Vladimirovich


Vegetable Plant "Stanishovka."

Our plant cooperates with by logo 2011. Employees approach the matter seriously, very responsibly and promptly. Has established itself as a professional and a reliable partner!


Narchenko Natalia Anatolievna

Commercial director

Ltd. "Kherson greenhouse complex"

As a result of cooperation between our companies over already 5 years, thank you for the ability to strictly adhere to delivery schedules products strictly observe the technology and quality of the substrate. A distinctive feature of the company logo is it flexibility, mobility in solving technical tasks, initiative and efficiency. We are glad to cooperate with you!


Sergey Boyko

Chief Agronomist

Greenhouse complex "Dniprovsky"